Welcome to Workin'Caboverde!

We are a team of professionals passionate about Cape Verde, determined to actively contribute to the economic development and growth of our country.

With a strong commitment to entrepreneurship and local growth, we created this business centre with the aim of demonstrating Cape Verde’s entrepreneurial potential and fostering opportunities for all those who share our vision.

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Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to energise the country by assisting and boosting entrepreneurship in Cape Verde for all types of investors (national, diaspora, foreign).

We firmly believe that entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic and social development.

Our aim is to create a favourable environment where innovative ideas can take shape, start-ups can grow and prosper, and where entrepreneurial dreams can become reality.

Our Goal

As experienced entrepreneurs and committed players in Cape Verde’s economic fabric, we understand the challenges entrepreneurs face.

That’s why we’re determined to provide a wide range of services and resources to support every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

Whether you’re a novice entrepreneur with an innovative idea, or an established company looking to accelerate its expansion, we’re here to support you.

Join Us on This Business Adventure

We invite all passionate, creative and ambitious minds to join us on this fantastic entrepreneurial adventure.

Together, we can build a prosperous future in this little piece of paradise.

Let's bring your ideas to life and energise our beloved Cape Verde!

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